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9 budget-friendly marketing ideas for small businesses like yours!

Not everyone has the budget to hire a marketing agency to promote their business. You may be just starting your business and have no funds coming in yet. Or, you may be an existing business, tightening your belt in a tough economic climate. Either way, there are LOADS of things you can do to get your business name ‘out there’ that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Here are just a few to get you started!

Create a free Google Business account:

  • Google Business is a MUST-HAVE for local businesses and allows your business to show up on Google Maps and the local section of Google Search. If a customer Googles “(your business type) near me“, you want to show up in those results!
  • If you’re unsure how to do this, reach out to us as we set these up and optimise them for our clients all the time. They don’t take long to do but have a HUGE impact on your ability to be found online.

Use Social Media marketing: 

  • Keep your social media pages up to date. Why? Because your customers want to see that you are active in your business, and didn’t go bust during the lockdowns! 
  • Share your posts on local or industry Facebook groups. Tag your business if you see someone looking for your product or services (and ask friends to tag you too).

Business cards

  • Design your business cards on a free tool like Canva and have them printed. A box of business cards starts at around $20. Vista Print and Canva both offer great deals.
  • Leave them everywhere and hand them out to everyone! Ask other local businesses if they are happy for you to leave a small pile there.
  • Add a QR code to your business card with an easy link to leave you a Google review! QR codes can be created using free online QR code generators.

E-mail newsletters

  • Collect e-mails and send out weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly newsletters informing customers about upcoming promotions or events. We use MailerLite for our email marketing and find it a great way to engage with our audience.

Business webpage

  • If you have a website, keep it up to date. Customers hate seeing something on your website and then finding out you no longer offer that service/product.
  • If you don’t have a website yet and want one set up for you, contact Gabby Lewis at Get Online and Grow. Her websites are great and are under $600.
  • There are also FREE websites available via Canva, Google and Square (which is perfect for e-commerce businesses) – we can help you set these up or guide you for DIY.

Stay connected

  • Keep in touch with your customers by sending them a hand written thank you card. So simple but effective!

Get listed on directories

  • Do a Google search for relevant directories for your industry. Some are free, others will have a small fee. As an example, we have a listing on Digital Mum’s Directory, which costs us $25 per month and gains us at least 10 x our investment.

Attend networking events:

  • Most areas have local business networking events that you can attend. We are members of a group called BNI but have clients involved with local chambers of commerce, industry networking groups and even school P&Cs.
  • Some local councils are awesome and have small business events or provide free training for businesses in their area. As an example, City of Kwinana have a Home Based Business Meet Up every 2nd Tuesday, where they welcome people from all suburbs.

On the go marketing

  • If you use a car or truck for your business make sure that your business name, logo and contact information are visible on the vehicle. For a more budget-friendly alternative use magnetic signs or window decals and place them on the vehicle (from $5 at Vista Print). 

Looking for more low-cost marketing ideas? Reach out to us – we can brainstorm ideas with you that will work for YOUR business and help you implement them.

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