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The Devil is in the Details

Why paying attention to the details matters

The little details are important! A nurse needs double check the dosage of a medication before administering it to a patient, otherwise the results could be deadly.

While it’s rarely deadly in the VA world, being careful with the nitty-gritty details is still a necessity for keeping our clients smiling and our reputation intact.

Picture this.

  • A client asks us to set up a meeting at 3 PM Sydney time, but we accidentally schedule it for Perth time. In summer, that’s a 3-hour time difference! Depending on the purpose of the meeting, it could result in lost business and revenues for the client.
  • A client asks us to book their flights to an overseas conference, however we misspell their name. This could result in the client being denied access to their flight. It could cause delays, embarrassment and additional costs to rebook.
  • A client asks us to enter a heap of data in an Excel spreadsheet. If we transposed figures the calculations would be wrong.
  • When answering calls for a real estate client, we provide the incorrect date for a home open / viewing. This could result in the client losing a sale, or a buyer missing out on their dream home.

Paying attention to the details affects the client, the VA and our business.

Why we test for attention to detail when hiring

Recently, we threw a quirky little challenge into our hiring process. We intentionally included mistakes in our job ad to see who would catch them. We asked for these details to be identified by the applicants.

The response was overwhelming, with over 120 enthusiastic individuals eager to join our virtual team. What caught our attention, was the discovery that approximately 50% missed the most obvious intentional errors or failed to follow instructions. These people were sent the polite ‘thanks but we won’t be taking your application further’ email.

When assessing the remaining applications, we also looked at their:

  • Technical skills
  • Prior experience
  • Ability to format documents
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to think outside the box
  • Understanding of issues from the perspective of a business owner
  • Interest in learning new skills

This wasn’t just about finding grammar whizzes. It was about discovering team members who understand that a small slip-up can lead to big problems for the client.

Trust us to get your business organised

We have identified some absolute rock stars as part of this recruitment process and have some incredible people joining our team. Their attention to detail is phenomenal!

Some of the additional services we will be able to offer in the new year will include:

  • Efficiency audits – let us review how you work and come up with ways to make your processes more efficient.
  • Project management – we can take charge of the entire project life cycle, launching, implementing, and monitoring the project until completion.
  • Writing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) – we can document what your processes are, and/or provide recommendations for improvements.
  • Systems implementation – looking to implement a CRM or other system within your business? We can help!

Reach out

To see how we can help YOUR business in 2024, reach out to us for a chat, and meet some of our new team members.

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